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Resort and Conference Centre

Welcome to Zithabiseni Resort and Conference Centre

The Zithabiseni Resort facility was developed in the late 1960s around a hot spring which was used by the Afrikaans community for informal gatherings over weekends. Due to its location on the picturesque ridge it was known as Die Bron.

In 1986 the Transvaal Provincial Administration handed it over to the then KwaNdebele government which renamed the facility, Zithabiseni – meaning a place for pleasure and tranquility.

The resort was taken over by the Mpumalanga Provincial Government (MPG) after the 1994 democratic election and the demarcation of the country. Within the MPG the management and control of the resort moved through a series of ownerships; from the Mpumalanga Parks Board to the Department of Agriculture, then the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and finally it rested with the Department for Economic Development, Environment and Tourism.